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Rubber Seals

Rubber Seals Rubber Seals Rubber Seals
Product name : Rubber Seals
Item : Seal-01
Details :

All the shapes of rubber seals can be able to be extruded by Chiefound industries,including:

- D section,P sections,E section, L section,U-channel,bubble section,key-hole section,triangle sections,
- Extruded Rubber Seal with Bulb,Co-extruded rubber seals
- Beading Seals,Rubber Window & Door Seal
- Rubber Edge Trims
- Glazing Rubber Seals
- Weather strip
- Foam rubber seals
- Custom shapes for extruded rubber sealing strips,used for doors,windows,construction,glass,autos,ships,trains,containers,machines,etc.

*Material of our extruded rubber seals can be made in EPDM Rubber,Silicone ,Viton,Foam rubber,PVC,TPE,etc.

*Just send us a drawing or a small sample,we will complete your orders.


Chiefound industries can supply extruded rubber seals covering below:

Custom Rubber Seals,Edge trims,Mechanical Seal,O Ring Seals,Extruded Rubber Strip,Co-extruded Rubber Seal,Sealing Rubber Strip.
Foam / Sponge Rubber Seals with self-adhesive tapes,EPDM Rubber Seal,Viton Seal,Silicone Seals,PVC Seal,TPE Seal,NBR Rubber Seals,Natural Rubber Seals,Neoprene Rubber Seal,Nitrile Rubber Seal,CR Rubber Seal.

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