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Extruded Rubber Products

Extruded Rubber Products Extruded Rubber Products Extruded Rubber Products Extruded Rubber Products
Product name : Extruded Rubber Products
Item : ERP-01
Details :


CF Silicone has vast experience in extruding rubber,our products are not limited in silicone extrusion,we are capable of extruding solid, hollow or sponge profiles in the following material: EPDM, silicone rubber,sponge rubber, viton, PVC,neoprene,nitrile rubber, sponge, foam silicone profiles,complex material ( solid & foam rubber), TPE,etc. 

We supply
the rubber extrusions and sealing strips to over 30 countries,used in vehicles,ships,machines,doors and windows,glasses,containers,constructions,etc. There can be available in almost all shapes:

- Rubber Extrusions / Profiles
- Rubber Seals & Strips.
- Co-extruded Rubber Seals ( also called Complex Rubber Seals )
- Rubber Seal with Bulb
- Beading Seal,Window & Door Rubber Seal
- Extruded Rubber Tubings & Cords
- Rubber Edge Trims
- D & B type of Extruded Rubber Fenders
- Rubber "U" channels 
- Square,Rectangle,"D","P","L","E" "T" shapes and sections,etc
- Extruded Foam Rubber Profiles with or without adhesive tapes
- Custom Rubber Extrusions are common,as well as OEM service.

If you have any questions about rubber extrusion profiles or rubber seal,just feel free to contact us.

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