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Rubber Sheet and Mat

Author : CF Rubber Date : 12/9/2011 12:07:45 AM

Rubber sheets are rubber made into flat sheets with an even thickness and are usually sold on a roll of a required length for easy shipment,people also call it rubber rolls.

The rubber sheet can be made in several kinds of materials-like ours-SBR,Natural / NR,EPDM,Neoprene / CR,Nitrile / NBR,Viton,Silicone Rubber,etc.Fabrics reinforced rubber sheets are available:Cloth/Nylon insertion,cloth suface,cloth fabricated.For different use,there are industrial grade and food grade rubber sheets,the most two required among food grade rubber sheets are white NBR rubber sheet & food grade silicone rubber sheeting.

We also produce anti slip rubber matting,according to the patterns of surfaces,there are coin rubber mat,fine ribbed rubber   mats,checker,diamond,willow rubber matting,etc.

Chiefound industries can manufactures all the above rubber sheeting and rubber matting,which have been exporting to U.K.,France,Italy Spain,U.S.A,Canada,Australia,Brazil,South Africa and other more than 30 countries.
The standard size is 10 or 12 meters long,1 m or 1.2 meters wide,1-50 mm thick.Acturally,we also produce the rubber sheeting with width in 1.4m,1.5m,1.6m,1.8m ,Length in 5 meters,10 meters,12 meters,15 meters,20 meters.according to the requests from our customers.

If you are planning to import rubber sheets and rubber matting,we can help.