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Different Types of Silicone Extrusions

Author : Silicone & FKM Division Date : 9/10/2011 9:59:27 PM

                                                                                       Different Types of Silicone Extrusions

Extruded silicone products are produced by forcing silicone rubber through a shaped die to form a continuous length of material with a constant cross section. 

In addition to a large selection of standard profiles, silicone extrusions can be produced in an almost limitless range of shapes and sizes with die production. Standard silicone extrusion profiles include silicon tubing, solid cord, square and rectangular strip and U channels. 

Silicone extrusions are among the most widely used of all silicone products.
Produced by forcing molten silicone rubber compounds through a shaped die, silicone extrusions are to produce with die manufacture. The range of silicone extrusion consumer industries is almost as impressive as the product ranges and includes the automotive,domestic appliance, electronics, hydraulic machinery,  pneumatic equipment, and home repair sectors. 
Common uses for the products in these industries include door and window seals, O-rings, gaskets, cable sheathing, surface coverings, and hoses. 

Silicone Extrusion Profiles may be divided into standard and custom shapes. 
Standard profiles include square and rectangular sections, hollow tube and box sections, round cords, sheets, tubes, and a range of complex profiles including P, D, U, H,B and E strips. These are all available in a range of sizes and materials. 
When a product requires specific, unusual silicone extrusions, custom profiles may be manufactured.

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