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What is Polyurethane Adhesives & Sealant?

Author : Date : 9/22/2011 3:03:22 AM

Polyurethane adhesives can be used to bond together a wide range of materials, including glass,wood, metal, concrete, plastic. Whether the material is porous or non-porous is of little importance, unlike with most other adhesives.
Polyurethane adhesives are used especially often as woodworking glues. They have the advantage of being very water-resistant, much more so than other glues used with wood. The United States has only seen these types of adhesives on the market since the 1990s, but they have been widely available in Europe for much longer.

Polyurethane adhesives come in several common forms. 
The first is as a household or light industrial adhesive which is made to bond wood or ceramic materials, among others. There are also polyurethane gels that come loaded in a cartridge like silicone or caulk, to be used in building and repairing vehicles,homes, furniture, boats, and stone fabrications. These are made to be able to bond any two materials as long as one of them is porous. Some heavy-duty polyurethane adhesives also come in cartridges, and while these have a longer drying time, they can be up to 25% stronger.

CF Silicone  is right the manufacturer of PU adhesive & Sealant.
Our products is a type of single component moisture-hardening polyurethane adhesive sealant, which can be applied for the sealing of various base materials.It could interact with the moisture in the air to solidify & form a permanent elastic material.And Much of them are used in bonding glass or body of  Auto and construction glass.So we usually call it "Glass Adhesive & Sealant ",which is not only sold to our domestic Auto manufacturers,but also exported to U.S.A ,Germany,Russia,etc,and we also do OEM service to internationl brand PU adhesive.

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